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PART TWO- The Drying Room at White Oak Pastures

For all the times you've driven by a field of cows and pushed the thought of their fateful slaughter out of your mind, it's not because you don't care. It's because you DO care. Please know that YOU can make a huge difference when you buy Certified Humane brands.

And if you truly want to get on board with animal welfare, get to know farms like White Oak Pastures because they are doing their part to end factory farming in America.

Owner, Will Harris has built an empire on respect for animals and planet earth through regenerative farming. Nothing at White Oak Farms is wasted and nothing is taken for granted from the beautiful animals that are raised with dignity and freedom. Their very last moments are also met with dignity and freedom from animal cruelty. Go see for yourself, and you'll finally know the big difference between factory farms and REAL farms.

The drying room at White Oak Pastures is where cowhides are dried and rinsed in a lye and water solution, and then formed into natural rawhide chews for dogs. Again, nothing is wasted, and that includes the blood of the cows at White Oak Pastures which is given back to the earth on the grounds where the soil thrives on the nutrient-rich fertilization. Other grazing animals benefit from the rich soil and grasses on the farm as well. One animal's death is another animal's life and the eco-system is a continual cycle of nature in its pinnacle of success.

If you're lucky, you might run into owner, Will Harris. Meeting him is like being understood without having to talk much. He's so real, and so right with what he's doing, and that can only come from understanding animals, land, and the quiet intentions of a genuine farm that needs no validation because it Just IS.

You might not know the science behind regenerative farming, but if you're shopping Certified Humane meats and dairy at the grocery store, you're doing your part to end factory farming in America 💪🏼.

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