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Freedom From Animal Cruelty!

Updated: Jan 25

Every day you probably support animal cruelty without even realizing it. Keep reading for ten eye-openers that will make you think the next time you're buying meat and dairy.

-Don't be the person who says "Oh I can't even think about animals getting hurt!", (as you continue to buy tidy packages of beef, dairy, pork and chicken sold in your grocery store) Get educated about the horrible lives of animals raised on America's factory farms.

-Only buy Certified Humane meats and dairy products. Shop with your heart!

-Find your local cows and pigs on small farms and ask to visit with them. You'll see how emotional, smart and loving these animals are.

-Don't confuse terms like "grass fed" and "free range" with humane slaughter.

-Choose plant-based foods more often than meat, but don't become a judgemental vegan.

-Ask your grocer to stock Hart Dairy.

Hart Dairy is currently the only Certified Humane milk brand on the market. We asked Publix to start stocking it, and they did!

-Understand that big brand factory farms carefully shield consumers from seeing the horrible life of animals raised in squalor and confinement for slaughter.

-Watch "The Dairy Industry in 60 seconds flat"

-Watch "Dominion" if you care one iota about animals.

-If you think animals are dumb, disposable, and easily herded to slaughter, you can be sure humans are even dumber because we are the ones walking around with no better thought process than to eat whatever is put in front of our face.

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