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Earth's Life Matters More

All lives matter but the way we prioritize human relevance is selfish and thoughtless toward the very planet that sustains us.

Here are six ways to channel your personal frustrations into something productive for planet earth (instead of trampling it with personal or political agenda which generally results in looking about as intelligent as a pre-schooler.

-Feeling aggressive now? Throw your glass bottles into a recycling barrel. It's fun and it will calm you down. Recycle Away › plastic-recycling-binsPlastic Recycling Bins & Containers | Recycle Away

-Feeling sad? Stop feeling sorry yourself, get off of your rear-end and join a cause that's bigger than the human race.

-Feeling like everything should always be about you? Well it's not. The next time you buy a six-pack of your favorite beverage, take a few moments to cut up the plastic ring contraption manufacturers use to hold it together. (Animals get caught up in those things and die) National Geographic › 2018/09Web resultsSaving the Ocean From Plastic Six-Pack Rings - National Geographic

-Feeling self-important? Let your pride swell in tandem with an effort toward helping others who have NO VOICE such as all the helpless animals raised in FACTORY FARMS for slaughter and milk/dairy. (Factory farming is synonymous with extreme animal abuse and it's also ruining the planet at warp speed)

-Want to get understood? Then start listening by planting a tree. When you connect your soul with nature, you won't care if anyone understands you or not.

-Feeling the sting of racism from all sides? Pretty soon, that might be the ONLY sting left on planet earth because we're killing off the bee population with the continued use of toxic pesticides (which we all eat on the fruits and veggies we buy. Sounds tasty huh?) Take a stand to protect the bees because we NEED them.

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