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You Eat an Animal's Last Thoughts

We all strive, and even fight, to keep positive energy flowing through our bodies, but maybe that's a losing battle when we are consuming cows, chickens, pigs or fish whose final moments were spent in terror, fear and pain. That is the energy we absorb when we eat factory farm animals. Luckily, you can still eat meat that doesn't suffer this way.

But first, what is a Factory Farm?

It's mass production of animals

raised for slaughter.

Factory farms throughout America raise animals in confinement, loneliness and extreme filth specifically to be slaughtered for human consumption. These animals spend their entire lives in sadness and squalor only to meet their death with intense fear and pain.

That's the type of energy you're putting into your body when you eat factory farm animals. It doesn't seem very healthy or fit, because it's not.

What can you do about it? You can eat animals who lived and died in a more peaceful manner by making an effort to shop Humane Certified and Animal Welfare Approved meats.

Here are the certifications to look for on meat packages at the grocery store. Support farms that treat animals with respect.

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